MBE’s first post (including my piece on “Remembering Prince”)

I published this on Sacred Matters a few weeks ago, and I want to see how it appears here.  It’s about Prince.  Click on the picture to access it.


More introductions will follow.  Meanwhile I should warn you that I do not use Facebook—much less Twitter, Instagram, or whatever “these kids these days are using.”   If you want sophistication on that front you came to the wrong blog, although over time I can probably make it look a little better than it does on this first try. 

Also I have an impression that if a lot of people are going to read this, that will largely have to be parasitic on my friends who do use Facebook and Twitter, reposting me.  More later about that too.  [Update: click here]

Who knows how that will turn out?   It’s “Mark’s Blogging Experiment” with an emphasis on that last word. 

But let’s remember that a lot of Prince’s videos sucked, and his movie-making skills were questionable.  He is still as close to a genius as a human can get.  So by extension I hope that some of what I do here (extremely watered down from Prince in genius-ness) will at least be passable “in its own lane” and will somehow find some of the people who would like it.


One thought on “MBE’s first post (including my piece on “Remembering Prince”)

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