The Master’s Tools and the Master’s House–“Woke” Capitalist Style

I know I’m not supposed to play the proud parent too much, especially when my daughter (Lucia Hulsether) moves in some of the same intellectual circles where I made my own career. She needs to make her own way, and is succeeding at that project very well, thank you very much.

I’ve also said that I don’t want to do much linking to other people’s articles here, since there are better forums—and also because in that way lies madness.

Still, sometimes I can’t help it. Lucia has published another installment in her impressive run of articles, in the important webspace Immanent Frame. So I’m linking to it.

trumpHer essay makes an interesting intervention into larger discussions that I have been pondering for years. My first book quoted Audre Lorde’s famous line, “The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house,” as well as the rejoinder by Hazel Carby: “the master appropriated those tools along with the labor of those he exploited and it is high time that they be reclaimed.”

I don’t think either of these ideas negates the other, nor does Lucia as far as I understand. It’s just that her analysis is recasting this discussion and moving it forward in a very fresh and interesting way, in relation to emergent trends within neoliberalism.

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