12 Songs for Christmas: Christmas in Washington

“It’s Christmas time in Washington, and the Democrats rehearse. Getting into gear for [an upcoming] year of things not getting worse. Republicans drink whiskey neat and thank their lucky stars. [Thanks to Senate minority rule, with Wyoming voters weighing 68 times more than Californians] There’ll be no more FDRs.”

So said Steve Earle, more or less, in my light update of his classic song featured today. The Onion expresses a similar thought all too precisely.

But let’s go with the end of song, and see how the Senate vote in Georgia goes next week.  Maybe we can sing this last part.  If you haven’t donated for the get out the vote campaign — and my daughter who knows what she is talking about says this is the place to do it — there is still time.

Come back Woody Guthrie
Come back to us now
Tear your eyes from paradise
And rise again somehow
If you run into Jesus
Maybe he can help us out
Come back Woody Guthrie to us now

Come back to us, Malcolm X
And Martin Luther King
We’re marching into Selma
As the bells of freedom ring

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