12 Songs for Christmas: Heavy Balloon

I said that my “12 Songs for Christmas” would be unranked. But that is with an asterisk because there is zero doubt in my mind about the album of the year—and with clear separation from everything else I’ve heard.  

For a change this is by consensus—pretty much all the critics agree. I was getting ready to fight them, like I usually do, but I didn’t have to this time.  

I have so much I’d like to say about Fiona’s mind blowingly superlative record, Fetch the Bolt Cutters, that I am not even going to try today.  But if I had to make just one blanket recommendation from this series, it would be to pay attention to it.

Almost every song on this album is fantastic, and half of them might rightfully have made my list. This is the one I’m in the mood for today.  All hail the goddess Fiona Apple! 

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