P.S: Another Note to My Senators

Reading my news feeds today, two things struck me as noteworthy and somewhat related to this and this recent posts.

First, amid the current stress on “When will Trump loyalists acknowledge that he lost?” — and that refusing to acknowledge it means at minimum flirting with complicity in, if not actively fomenting, a literal fascist coup attempt — something equally important is being neglected.

When will leading Republicans acknowledge, as well, that their standard ideology refuses other basic truths: things like how it would be a good idea for everyone (including those who only care about saving money) to have a health care system on par with the rest of the world, or that outrageous wealth disparity is tearing our society apart, or that police impunity for killing black people is a shocking international disgrace, or that it is not sustainable (far less morally defensible) when people who work two full-time jobs are still at a poverty level, or that green infrastructure spending falls somewhere between a no-brainer smart investment (that is, simple economic self-interest) and an urgent response to issues that literally threaten the long-term survival of our grandchildren?

The current moment of truth, when Republican elites are trying to discern whether they deserve any minimum shred of respect, is being framed far too narrowly. At best we are talking about baby steps.

Second, and related to the first because we can extend its focus on fear of military violence to other fears, such as becoming homeless due to medical bills — I very much like this reflection. Click on the screenshot. If you like it, you probably won’t be sorry to subscribe to the Portside feed.

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One thought on “P.S: Another Note to My Senators

  1. I heard Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez say that during the insurrection she had no way of knowing whether congressional aides and people in uniform were there to help her or to harm her. That is terrifying. She also pointed out that many people in many places have the same insecurity about people in uniform. The extreme right has a lot to answer for and some of it extends far beyond the events of last week.


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